Torah Portion: Lech Lecha Genesis 12:1-17:27

HafTorah: Hosea Isaiah 40:27-41:16

A Journey With An Unknown Destination

Tonight I want us to look at my very favorite Torah section. A Torah Section full of truths that we could talk about for days. Such as:

  1. G-d’s encounter with Abraham
  2. G-d’s promises to Abraham

A.  Great Nation

B.  Bless you

C.  Make your name great

D.  You shall be a blessing

E.  Bless those who bless you

F.  Curse those who curse you

G.  All the earth will be blessed through you

H.  Give your descendants the land

3. In Abraham’s journey to Egypt why did he tell Sarah to lie about the fact that she was his wife?  Genesis 12:10-20

 4.  Abraham fights the kings of the valley and retrieves Lot and is blessed by Melchizedek Genesis 14:1-17 and 14:18-20

5.  Covenant between the pieces Genesis 15:9-21

6.  Hagar and Ishmael Genesis 16;1-15

7.  Undergoes a name change and hears G-d’s promise of a son Genesis 17:1-15

8.  Circumcision as a sign of the covenant Genesis 17:23-27


So these are some of the topics in this Torah section. However, I would like to talk about something else tonight. Our journey through life from a spiritual stand point and what we can learn from Abraham.  What does scripture tell us about this giant of the faith before chapter 12 of Genesis? Almost nothing. It tells us who his father was, where they lived, his wife’s name and who some of his relatives were. Past that we know little or nothing. Why does Torah not fill in some of the details of his life before?

What the Torah section begins with is what we might call the first mitzvah. That was to embark on a journey, however this journey is to be one where the final destination isn’t always known before hand. Torah is telling us that really the journey is the issue. The destination will take care of itself spiritually speaking. Our journey in life with G-d is the point. How are we to travel day by day? G-d doesn’t expect us to know all the answers before we start. He does expect us to trust in Him during the journey.  Having a defined goal is beneficial in many areas but can also serve as a handicap in our spiritual life. G-d is infinite and His hand in our life is infinite. Why would we want to place limitations on the heights we wish to achieve spiritually?

At the outset of this journey Abraham (75 years old) had no clue as to what lay in store for him when he arrived at whatever destination G-d had for him except that he trusted G-d and believed Him. So the issue for Abraham and for us is that a simple faith that G-d loves us and has our best in His heart each day. In Romans 4:3 we see Paul quoting Genesis 15:6, “Abraham believed G-d, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” That is what it took for Abraham and that is what it takes for us each day. How do we meet our day? Are we locked into our own plans or open to the hand of G-d knowing He loves us and we are on a journey with Him. My little five year old granddaughter was a great inspiration to me this week with her first step of revelation. She told her mother, “You know what Mom, even before I knew who G-d was He knew me.”

Abraham would have said the same. G-d knew us before we were formed and has a plan for our lives. He only requires our leap of faith in believing Him.