Torah Portion: Beha’alotkha  Numbers 8:1-12:16

HafTorah: Zechariah 2:10-4:7

Tonight I would first like to look at the first couple of verses in the Torah reading for this week, Numbers 8:1-4. In this we see Aaron the High Priest given the job of arranging the lamps on the Holy Menorah to illuminate the interior of the Tabernacle and later the Temple. I want us to spend a few minutes here and see what we can learn from the standpoint of Yeshua. Here the earthly Menorah radiates light in the presence of G-d. John 1:5 tell us that Yeshua is the light that shines in the darkness. He is the light that emanates from the presence of G-d. Revelations 4:5 tells us of the heavenly Menorah burning before the throne of G-d. Earlier in Revelations 1:20 the seven lamps are connected with seven congregations, and John seeing Yeshua standing among the seven lamps. In Revelations 2:1 Yeshua indentifies Himself as the one who walks among the seven lamps. In Heaven He is our High Priest. He tends the Menorah of G-d in the heavenly Temple. So, as we understand Numbers 8:1-4, we can see the spiritual connection these verses have to the Messiah. He is the light of the world.

Now, to the question: How can we relate the wanderings of Israel and Psalms 37:23? In my previous statement I used the phrase “wanderings” of Israel. Did they actually wander? Do we? Do you ever wander spiritually? Think about the journeys of Israel. Was their comfort the major concern? Does G-d lead us into uncomfortable places spiritually and physically? Do we consider the circumstances more than we do the divine goal behind where we are or what we are experiencing? Do we see obstacles or opportunities before us? The real goal of life can be found in the journey not so much the destination. What do we learn along the way or are we caught up in our own desires and comfort. My point in all this is that we use each day and whatever G-d brings into our lives that day to grow spiritually and to bring the Kingdom of G-d into everything.

The manna in Chapter 11 could remind us of Yeshua in John 6:30-31. He fed people by a miracle. They wanted more and they reminded Him of Moses and the manna. Yeshua’s reply to them should also speak to us. The miracle is only to remind us that the source is the real issue not the miracle. It’s only purpose is to keep us focused on Him who provided the miracle. This was Israel’s problem and sometimes our problem as well. They demanded flesh to eat and lost sight of the provider. We must not focus on flesh but rather on spirit. Yeshua’s followers had a hard time with this and we read in John 6:66 many withdrew and did not follow Him anymore.  We read that in the last days many among the elect will fall away. In that day they will lose sight of what G-d is doing and rather look at what they perceive as right. May we never fall into that pattern. Life lived for G-d is the issue – comfortable or not, convenient or not is not the point. Stay on the walk each day with our spiritual eyes open and don’t lose focus.