V’zot HaBrachah (And This is the blessing) D’Varim (Deuteronomy) 33-34

Haftorah Reading Joshua 1:1-18

Usually this Torah section is read on Simchat HaTorah. This holiday occurs Tuesday evening, October 22nd at the end of Sukkot. However, rather than miss these important final words of Moshe I would like us to take the time to study this passage.  In my question of the week I asked you what you saw as the characteristics of a servant of G-d. This question was based on verse 34:5 of Deut. In this verse Moshe was called a servant of the L-rd.

I would like us to think about the life of Moshe from the beginning in Exodus until this week’s reading. He was adopted into the family of Pharaoh. At that time Egypt was the most powerful kingdom in existence, with untold wealth. To be part of the ruling elite would have given Moshe wealth and position that could not be challenged. However, he chose to get involved in a quarrel between two Hebrew slaves and as a result, had to run for his life.

He ended up in Midian where he settled in with one of the influential priests of Midian society. Here he had a wife and two sons and lived the quiet life of a shepherd, a gentle peaceful life. He then, after an encounter with G-d, went on to assume the leadership of a hard to get along with, group of slaves and led them to freedom.

The result of that decision was forty hears of leading a rebellious group who constantly complained and challenged him at every turn. He became so filled with despair that is says in Numbers 11:15 he asked G-d to kill him rather than continue leading these people.

When we look at his life would the world, or us, judge him as a success? No, for sure our definition of a successful leader would not fit Moshe. However, when we look at his life in light of Deut. 34:5 we see his greatness lay in the fact he was a servant of G-d. He did what G-d asked with little thought of anything else  He carried out his role with no thought of any personal or worldly glory. He only wanted to please his Heavenly Father. Moshe shows us all what is important in life, that is to be a faithful servant of the L-rd with little thought to anything else.

He showed us that we are only as big in G-d’s eyes as the space we make for others. The world may never recognize what we have done or how we lived. Those opinions should be of no matter to us. What is important to each of us is answering the question, “Have I been a good and faithful servant of my G-d?” Each of us have a role in the kingdom of G-d. Our passion should be doing the Father’s will in all things.

Yeshua was a perfect example for us. He never lost sight of what His purpose on this earth was. He did not call people out if they were not like Him. He always met them where they were and made room for all who would follow. May our days be fruitful in doing the works of the L-rd. Everything else pales in importance to that.