Pinchas (Numbers) B’Midbar 25-30

Torah Portion:  Pinchas (Numbers) B’Midbar 25-30

Haftorah Reading: I Kings 18:46-19:21

This week we read a wide-ranging Torah portion. It begins with the end of the story of Pinchas from last week where he killed the Israelite prince Zimri and the Medianite princess Cosbi for their public sin in from of the Mishkan or Tabernacle. We also read about the last census of the people before they enter the Land and of the request made by the five daughters of an Israelite man who died with no son to inherit his property. The anointing of Joshua as Moshe’s successor is found in this portion along with a recap of G-d’s appointed times and the offering offered for each. What is the list of holidays mentioned here?