Korach B’midbar(Numbers) 16:1-18:32

Torah Portion: Korach B’midbar(Numbers) 16:1-18:32

Haftorah Reading I Samuel 11:14-12:22

This week we read a Torah portion that begs the question, why? Why, after the catastrophe of the sending of the spies, would something like Korach’s rebellion happen? Maybe a clue can be found in the two opening words, in Hebrew, of our portion. In Hebrew this passage begins with the words, “Korach took.” Korach found people who were vulnerable to his arguments. They were men from the tribe of Rueben, Dothan and Aviram were among them. If you remember, the tribe of Reuben was displaced from the normal privileges of the first born because of his sin against his father Jacob. That place of the first born was given to Judah.

Korach Numbers (B’Midbar) 16-18

Torah Portion Korach Numbers (B’Midbar) 16-18 Haftorah Reading: I Samuel 11:14-12:22 This week we read the story of the rebellion against Moshe and Aaron. This rebellion was led by Korach but included 250 of the princes of Israel, Dothan and Aviram and men from the tribe of Reuben. I want us to look at the timing […]