Metzora(Leper) Leviticus/Vayikra 14:1-15:33

Torah Portion:  Metzora(Leper) Leviticus/Vayikra 14:1-15:33

Haftorah Reading II Kings 7:3-20

Tonight, we continue our study of leprosy by looking at the process by which a person, house or clothing could be cleaned from leprosy. To begin, I would like us to look at several scriptures in the Messianic writings that speak of this problem in the time of Yeshua.

In Luke 17:11-19 we read of Yeshua meeting 10 lepers on His way to Jerusalem. They asked Him to heal them from this disease. He told them to go and show themselves to the priest in Jerusalem. As they went, they were cleansed. Yeshua did exactly what our Torah portion explained had to be done to be considered clean again. The lepers were told to go before the priest in Jerusalem to confirm their healing.

Acharei Mot Lev. 16-18

Torah Portion: Acharei Mot Leviticus 16-18:30

HafTorah: Ezekiel 22:1-19

Tonight in this Torah section I want us to look at a couple of spiritual points that I think G-d has for us to consider. First, I would like us to look at the Yom Kippur service as set out here in our opening chapter. As part of that service two goats were brought before the High Priest, one for a sacrifice and one to be sent away to “Azazel.” Just a word about Azazel. This is the only place in scripture where this word is used. There is much discussion as to the meaning of Azazel. Maybe the best explanation is found in the word itself. It is made up of two Hebrew words. One word is Az or goat. The other word, azal means that which was sent away.