Balak B’midbar(Numbers) 22:2-25:9

Torah Portion: Balak B’midbar(Numbers) 22:2-25:9

Haftorah Reading Micah 5:6-6:8


Our Torah portion today plays out a great drama of a pagan king, Balak, and his fear of the Israelites as they arrive at the border of his land. He engages the help of a seer by the name of Bilaam to come and curse the Israelites and in order to save his country.

D’Varim (Deut.) 1:1-3:22 2018

Torah Portion D’Varim (Deut.) 1:1-3:22

Haftorah Reading: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 1:1-27

Today we study the first portion of the last book of the Torah. This book is mainly made up of the last words of Moshe to his people before he ascends the mountain and dies there. Also, tonight, at 7:30, the day of Tisha B’Av begins. On this day Jewish people remember the destruction of both the First and the Second Temple. It also harkens back to the day of the bad report of the spies and the people refusing to enter the Land. It is note worthy to know that many other tragedies occurred on this day. The Spanish Inquisition and the Night of Broken Glass, which signaled the beginning of the Holocaust, are two such events. On this day the book of Lamentations is read to remember the penalty of not taking action in going up to settle the Land.