Tazria (She Conceives) Lev. 12:1-13:59 Metzora (Leper) Lev.14:1-15:33

Torah Portion: Tazria(She Conceives) Lev. 12:1-13:59 Metzora (Leper) Lev.14:1-15:33

Haftorah Reading: II Kings 4:42-5:19, II Kings 7:3-20

Messianic Scripture  Matthew 8:1-4, 11:2-6, Mark 1:40-45, Matt. 9:20-26, Hebrews 13:4

Today we read and study two Torah portions. Both are also represented in the Messianic Scriptures. The subject of both is bodily discharges that cause uncleanness to the person or object involved. The name of the first Torah portion is Tazria. What is interesting to us is that both Tazria and Metzora are mentioned in different places in the Messianic Scriptures.

Noah (B’resheet) Genesis 6-11

Torah Portion: Noah (B’resheet) Genesis 6:9-11:32

HafTorah: Isaiah 54:1-55:5

Tonight we look at the Torah portion Noah. It covers the flood and in some ways, the second creation, in that G-d judged the earth saving only Noah and his family, which are the ancestors of each of us. We go on to see the erection of the Tower of Babel, which G-d stopped by confusing the languages of the people of the earth, thus dispersing them across the face of the earth. The portion ends by introducing us to Avram for the first time.