Vayeishev (And He Settled) B’resheet/Genesis 37:1-40:23

Vayeishev(And He Settled) B’resheet/Genesis 37:1-40:23
Haftorah Reading: Amos 2:6-3:8
As I read this Torah portion and studied it this week I must say I was convicted in my own life by Joseph’s example.  I sometimes have a tendency to be pessimistic. (You probably never noticed this) I read these verses and see a man who never gave into hopelessness, feeling like he was cursed or the feeling he was constantly swimming upstream. 

Shelach (Send) Numbers (B’Midbar) 13-15

Torah Portion Shelach (Send) Numbers (B’Midbar) 13-15 Haftorah Reading: Joshua 2:1-24 Tonight we will concentrate on verses covering the sin of the spies. First, just a word about several Hebrew words that may add some understanding to our story, in Numbers 13:2 we read in English that the mission of the 12 men was to […]