Ki Tisa (When You Take) Exodus/Sh’mot 30:11-34:35

Ki Tisa(When You Take)Exodus/Sh’mot 30:11-34:35
Haftorah Reading: I Kings 18:1-39
When we read our portion Ki Tisa, we read of several epic events that took place, events that still shape our world today. I would like to major our study on one such event. I want us to spend most of our time on the giving of the tablets of G-d to Moshe and the Jewish people.
When we read our portion we read where two sets of the Commandments serve as book ends to the sin of Israel when they worshipped the golden calf. In Exodus 32:16 we read, “The tablets were the work of G-d, the writings of G-d engraved on the tablets of stone.”