Va’era (I Appeared) Exodus/Sh’mot 6:2-9:35

Va’era(I Appeared)Exodus/Sh’mot 6:2-9:35

Tonight we are studying a Torah portion that has so much to say about our life in this world. I want to start with the verse I asked each of you to look at and see where G-d takes us. Our verse in Exodus 8:18 says, “And I will set apart in that day the land of Goshen, in which My people dwell, that no swarms of flies shall be there, to the end that you may know that I am the L-rd in the midst of the earth.”

Lekh L’Kha (Get Out From Yourself) B’resheet/Genesis 12:1-17:27

Torah PortionLekh L’Kha (Get Yourself Out)-B’resheet/Genesis 12:1-17:27

Haftorah Reading Isaiah 40:27-41:16

As we go over this Torah portion today I ask you all to contribute your thoughts on the man Avram, his motivations in life and his spiritual qualities that moved him to answer the call of G-d and go to a land not yet known to him. He left his old life behind and ventured out to follow the L-rd’s direction. As we discuss this portion let the Father speak to you about your own life and what He is calling you to do.

Shoftim (Judges) D’Varim (Deuteronomy) 16:18-21:9

Torah PortionShoftim (Judges) D’Varim (Deuteronomy) 16:18-21:9

Haftorah Reading Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 51:12-53:12

This Torah portion, like most, contains a multitude of subjects that can occupy us for hours but we will limit ourselves to a few that I think will challenge us spiritually. To do this I want to begin with my three questions I sent you this week.

Re’eh (See) D’Varim (Deut.) 11:26-16:17

Torah Portion Re’eh (See) D’Varim (Deut.) 11:26-16:17

Haftorah Reading: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 54:11-55:5

Tonight we read the Torah portion Re’eh or “See.” The verse, D’Varim/Deut. 11:26, calls us to pay attention because what follows is very important. Based on our discussion last week on the verb Shema or hear, we can understand this verse in the same way. The verse is calling our attention to what follows, to truly comprehend the meaning of these words.

Shelach L’Kha (Send on your behalf) B’Midbar(Numbers) 13-15

Torah Portion:  Shelach L’Kha (Send on your behalf)  B’Midbar(Numbers) 13-15

Haftorah Reading: Joshua 2:1-24

This Torah portion opens with the drama of sending the 12 spies into the Land and their return with answers to the questions of Moshe, which he charged them with before they set out. These twelve men were not just anyone but leaders of their tribes.

Nitzavim (Standing) Deut 29

Torah Portion: Nitzavim (Standing) (Deut.) 29:9-30:20

HafTorah: Isaiah 61:10-63:9

NT Romans 9:30-10:13; Hebrews 12:14-15

Before we really get into our study, I want to share something with you that I read this week. Israel became a state in May 1948. The Hebrew year when this occurred was 5708. Now to the interesting part: This week we read in Deut. 30:3, “The L-rd our G-d will bring you back from captivity and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where He has scattered you.” The article I read said this is the 5708th verse in Torah. If this is correct, and I didn’t count to see, what an orderly G-d we serve. Thousands of years ago G-d led Moses to speak this verse that would corresponds exactly to when the State of Israel would be formed. He is faithful, He is always faithful to Israel and to us. He is worthy of our trust, our love and faith in Him.