Vayikra (He Called )Lev. 1

Torah Portion: Vayikra(He called)

Vayikra (Leviticus) 1:1-5:26

HafTorah: Isaiah 43:21-44:23

New Testament: Romans 8:1-13; Hebrews 10:1-14; 13:10-16

Tonight we begin the third book of the Torah. It is the first book that Jewish children study in religious school. It is basically a call to enter the Presence of G-d, and so it should be. I think it appropriate that we start this study on the first day of Aviv. This month begins the cycle of G-d’s appointed times. Aviv is representative of our own beginning as G-d’s called ones in redemption.

Messiah in the Five Sacrifices – Vayikra (And He Called)



Torah Portion: Vayikra (And He Called) Leviticus 1:1-6:7

HafTorah: Isaiah 43:21-44:23

G-d’s presence had moved from the mountain to the Tent of Meeting and called to Moses from the Tent. This is the third time we see G-d calling to Moses. The first time at the bush, G-d says Moses, Moses. -Exodus 3:4. Here he called Jacob twice Genesis 46:2, and here he called Samuel twice 1 Samuel 3:10. In the New Testament Acts 9:4 we see Yeshua use this same pattern with Shaul. Usually when a name is repeated like this in scripture it is a sign of special affection.

Vayikra (He Called)

Weekly Torah Section: Vayikra (He Called) Leviticus 1:1-6:7, Haftorah: Isaiah 43:21-44:23

I would like to begin with the Haftorah reading in Isaiah 43. My question is, why was Israel formed and likewise, by adoption, why were we created? We were created to praise G-d. How do we do that?  By living our lives in total dedication to Him.  Here I would like to bring in one Hebrew word from the Torah portion, Korban. We will talk more about it later but when you read the Torah in Leviticus this word, or a form of this word appears over and over.  So what does it really mean? Usually you think of this word meaning sacrifice but It also means to draw close or draw near.  So, to really praise G-d we must draw close to Him. Now back to Isaiah.