Shemini (Eighth) Lev 9-11

Torah Portion: Shemini (Eighth) Vayikra Lev. 9:1-11:47

HafTorah: II Sam 6:1-7:17

Tonight we read and study the Torah portion of Shemini or eighth. This eighth day was at the conclusion of the seven day training period for Aaron and his sons. Eighth in Torah has special significance. It usually is connected with something that transcends the ordinary but is still connected to that which it transcended. Here the priests had been practicing their role in the Mishkan. Now was the time to step out of practice into reality. If you think about it Yeshua rose on the eighth day or what became know as Sunday. He, with His resurrection, entered another realm. This realm was that for which He came. He was to take His place at the Father’s side and intercede for us. So this eighth concept can help us further understand the order of G-d. Yeshua was not separated from what had gone before, His people, His land, but entered the spiritual world, which is that which should be the pattern for our physical life.