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Vayetze(He Went Out)B’resheet(Genesis) 28:10-32:3

Vayetze(He Went Out)B’resheet(Genesis) 28:10-32:3

Haftorah Reading: Hosea 11:7-12:12


Today I want us to look at something that I feel will speak to each of us. Let’s begin with reading Genesis 29:1. In this verse we read where, “Jacob went on his way.” However, when we read this verse in Hebrew it reads differently. In Hebrew it more accurately reads, “he lifted his feet and went on his way.”  What difference does this make in how we understand the verse?  I believe when we read it as originally written it shows us that Jacob made the effort or commitment to do what had been set before him.

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Tol’dot (History)B’resheet(Genesis) 25:19-28:9

Torah Portion: Tol’dot (History)B’resheet(Genesis) 25:19-28:9

Haftorah Reading: Malachi 1:1-2:7

Today we are studying two points that I feel are very important to us. First I want us to consider the trek of Isaac as he, in some ways, retraced the steps of his father Avraham. Let’s begin by looking at this journey and thinking about his actions and how they might apply to what we do in our life.

Isaac traveled through the valley of Gerar. This is on the edge of the Negev Desert in southern Israel.  As he and his herds traveled they opened the wells previously dug by his father Avraham. These wells had been filled in by the Philistines. They were trying to make the point that they did not recognize the ownership of any place in their territory. They wanted to discourage any other people who might think of settling in their land.

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Hayei Sarah(Sarah’s Life)B’resheet(Gen.) 23:1-25:18

Torah Portion: Hayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life)B’resheet(Genesis) 23:1-25:18

Haftorah Reading: I Kings 1:1-31


This week we read the Torah portion that contains the death of both Sarah and Avraham. I pray as we study this portion we can learn important lessons concerning our own life as G-d’s children. I pray these lessons will impact all our lives.  I pray the Father of all flesh will speak to you through these words.

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