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Shemini (Eighth) Leviticus Vayikra 9-11

Torah Portion:  Shemini (Eighth) (Leviticus) Vayikra 9-11

Haftorah Reading: II Samuel 6:1-7:17

Tonight we read the Torah portion that is dedicated to the consecration of the Mishkan or Tabernacle. In the last weeks we have read seven Torah portions covering the details of the building and dedicating of the Mishkan and now in this portion we read about the first public use of the “House of G-d.” We read where the fire fell and the people shouted out when the glory of G-d appeared.

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Chol Hamoed Days of Passover

Chol Hamoed Intermediate Days of Passover

Tonight there is no Torah portion read. We are in the Chol HaMoed days of Passover, which means the intermediate days. Two biblical holidays have intermediate days. Passover is one. What is the other? The answer is Sukkot. Both of these holidays extend for a full week. So tonight we are in the Shabbath of the intermediate days of Passover.

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Tzav (Command) Leviticus (Vayikra 6-8

Torah Portion:  Tzav (Command) (Leviticus) Vayikra 6-8

Haftorah Reading: Jeremiah 7:21-9:24

Tonight we read the Torah portion Tzav or Command. This Torah portion continues with the details of sacrifice and ends with the setting apart of Aaron and his sons for their ministry in the Mishkan.

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