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Tol’dot (Generations) B’resheet (Genesis) 25:19-28:9

Torah Portion:  Tol’dot (Generations) B’resheet (Genesis) 25:19-28:9

Haftorah Reading: Malachi 1:1-2:7


Tonight we read a section of scripture that covers a large part of the history of Isaac, Rebekah and their son’s lives. We read about a family where decisions made caused heartaches and damage that had a long term effect on each life involved.

I would like to start our quest tonight by looking at the nature of the two sons to give us a background to help understand what happens later in their lives. Esau was the first born. He was a hairy man, a man of the field, a man’s man. He was the favorite of his father. Jacob was the second son born, scripture tells us he was “tam” meaning pure. He was a home body. He dwelt in tents.

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Hayei Sarah (Life of Sarah) B'resheet/Genesis 23-25

Torah Portion: Hayei Sarah (Life of Sarah) B'resheet/Genesis 23:1-25:18

HafTorah: I Kings 1:1-31

Tonight we read a Torah portion mainly made up of two events in the life of Avraham. The first event here in Genesis 23 and the second being the search for a wife for Yitzach. When we think of these two subjects it should remind us of G-d’s promise of a land and a people to Avraham.


Concerning the first promise we read of it in these verses: B’resheet/Genesis 12:7, 13:14-17, 15:7 and 15:18-21. Five times G-d affirms His promise of land to Avraham.  Also, we can find in 5 places in scripture G-d speaking of Avraham’s descendents as the stars in heaven. This promise he affirms in B’resheet/Genesis 12:2, 13:16, 15:5, 17:4-5 and lastly 22:17.

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Lekh L’kha (Go) B’resheet/Genesis 12-17

Torah Portion:  Lekh L’kha (Go)  B’resheet/Genesis 12-17

HafTorah: Isaiah 40:27-41:16

Tonight we study one of the most pivotal Torah portions in scripture. It is a portion with insights into how we as G-d’s people are to live our life. It is also a portion that speaks to our relationship to the Jewish people.

In this Torah portion we read of G-d’s call to Avraham and Sarah. Interestingly we see today that almost half of the world’s population holds Avraham as the beginning of their faith. Jews, Muslims and Christians regard him as the spiritual ancestor of their faith.

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