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Hayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life) B’resheet (Genesis) 23-25

Torah Portion:  Hayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life) B’resheet (Genesis) 23-25

Haftorah Reading: I Kings 1:1-31

Tonight we read a Torah portion dealing with death in that the passing of both Sarah and Avraham are covered. However, we also read of the purchase of the first plot of the land of Promise and of the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah. These sequences of events bring up a question that each of us must deal with in our life. To help us I would like to look at the life of Avraham and see how he dealt with what could have been crippling disappointment.

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Vayera (And He Appeared) B’resheet (Genesis) 18-22

Torah Portion:  Vayera (And He Appeared) B’resheet (Genesis) 18-22

Haftorah Reading: II Kings 4:1-37

Our Torah portion today covers a large swath of the life of Avraham, beginning with the appearance of G-d to him as he was sitting in the door of his tent.  In this meeting G-d told Avraham His plan to give Avraham and Sarah a child in their old age and also of the coming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.   In this meeting we read of Avraham’s intercession for these cities, ending in their ultimate destruction after even 10 righteous people could not be found there.

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Lekh L’Kha (Get Yourself Out) B’resheet (Genesis) 12-17

Torah Portion:  Lekh L’Kha (Get Yourself Out) B’resheet (Genesis) 12-17

Haftorah Reading: Isaiah 40:27-41:16

In this Torah portion we become acquainted with Avram, who later became Avraham. It is in the first two words we learn a very important lesson for our daily life as G-d’s people. We have read the words many times before, but tonight I want us to look at them from a new perspective. The first two words in Hebrew are Lekh L’Kha. We usually translate this phrase as, “go out.” That translation misses completely the Hebrew meaning of the words.  A clearer translation would be, “go to yourself.” What does that say to us in our life? From this phrase we can understand G-d wants us to become who we really are in Him.

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